Since its foundation, PARTMED, has been bringing innovative products to medicine. 
She currently works in the Cardio, Brain, Spine and Ortgopedics, maintaining his focus on products to minimally invasive procedures.
Our company is a national reference in the supply of products for health, airning always at the best service and mainly the commitment with the clients.

The technological update and the excellence of services and processes is a commitment of PARTMED team.

Our Differentials:


- Exclusive and differentiated product portfolio

- Expedite product registration at Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency)

- Great know-how in supporting sub-distributors through continuous education for sales reps, technicians and physicians



To be the nation’s reference for excellence in supply and distribution of medical products, by providing differentiated customer service and by constantly motivating its team.





Our mission is to offer our clients always the best products and solutions in minimally invasive procedures, with high quality technology, and social and environmental responsability, aiming for excellence at everything that we do.



Core Values:


To work relentlessly to save and preseve human life. Integrity and ethical commitment. Competitive driven on environment improvement; Focus on people and results.